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Denise Reaves, founder of Balanced You has practiced Yoga and meditation for over 30yrs and has run her own wellness company for 10yrs. After 15 years in technology and consumer goods with long hours, travel, demanding timelines, and managing a family she felt overwhelmed and burnt out. It was through a commitment to fitness yoga and mindfulness that she learned how to balance and energize herself through these stressful times. Balanced With YOU knows what it is like when you run out of energy and are “hitting a wall”. Today’s environment is challenging as more people feel stuck at home. We understand the importance of building a routine and that productivity happens through a balance of taking care of the body and the mind. We offer corporate mindfulness training in Arizona. Mindbody wellness solutions for your employees. Our goal is to help you help the people in your organization who need it most. most.


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    All classes are taught by highly certified teachers who guide students to achieve mind-body awareness through the best online private yoga studio BalancedWithYou. Our students rate our teachers as outstanding. Classes online, live, or in person. All packages are custom to meet your needs.